First Baptist Church of Southport
Bay County, Florida

Church History

This was the first Church in this part of the county, which was Washington County at the time.
Now Bay County, FL


Memories and facts.

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Elaine Page Taylor

The Book was Dedicated to: The members who worked so hard to preserve the memory of those dear loved ones who started and strive to continue the church over the years.

A special thanks to Ricky Sothhall, Jessie Mason, Emily Kelley and our dear departed Maude Miller and Ovedia Kelley, without whose help most of this would not be written.

This year we celebrate 124 years. Recently we have obtained documentation back to the year 1880, when the church was voted into the West Florida Baptist Association (in the document Grassy Point Baptist church is listed as founded in 1874). Grassy Point Baptist Church was the original name of this Church.

Homecoming Committee this year: Emily Page Kelly, Louie Walker, and Mary Lou Quick. 1998

The History of the First Baptist Church of Southport, Florida

In 1874 a few Baptist met in an old log school house on grassey Point, and founded the institution, Grassy Point Baptist Church. Later know as Southport Baptist Church, This was the first Church in this part of the county, which was Washington County at the time. Now Bay County. According to the 1880 minutes of the West Florida Baptist Association meeting, which was held on October 16, 17, & 18 of 1880 at Campbellton Baptist Church on Campbellton, Florida: this was when the Grassy Point Baptist Church petitioned to be admitted into the Association and was received. It is Recorded that John Stewart is pastor and the church has a membership of 19 including 11 that was baptized this year.

Copy of 1880 Minutes

Church, Bethlehem
Pastor: D.A. Skipper
Names of Delegates: J. W. Rawls, H. G. Land
Clerks PO Marianna

Church, Bethesda
Pastor:  J. J. White
Names of Delegates: B.F. Smith, M. Holoway
Clerks PO Big Creek, Geneva Co AL

Church, Cedar Pond
Pastor: A.P. Ashurst
Names of Delegates: T.A. Paramore, J. H. Watts, H. Oswald
Clerks PO  Neal's Landing

Church, Circle Hill
Pastors: Robert Kidd
Names of Del:  E. J. Moodie, Henry Cloud
Clerks P.O.E. Neal's Landing

Church, Chipola Lake
Pastors:  T. E. Langley
Names of Del: H. L. Connell, E. Z. Taylor
Clerks P.O. Wewahitchka

Church, Campbellton
Pastor: T.E.Langley
Names of Del:  E. N. Dekle, W. M. Farrio, J. W. Daniel's
Clerks PO Cambellton

Church, Damascus
Pastor: J. J. White
Names of Del:  J. Franklin, M. H. York, J. Miller
Clerks P.O. Graceville

Church, Ephesus
Pastor, J. W. Johnson
Names of Del: R. Harris, J. W. Johnson
Clerks P.O. Campbellton

Church, Friendship
Pastor, A.P. Ashurst
Names of Del: I.T.W.Baxter, H. Sewell, J. Lynn
Clerks P.O. Greenwood

Church, Greenwood
Pastor, T.E.Langley
Names of Del: J. H. Stephen's, __W.Godwin, ___ Bevis
Clerks P.O. Greenwood

Church, Grassy Point
Pastor, John Stewart
Names of Del: T. O. Kent
Clerks P.O. Bear Creek, Washington County.

Church, Hickory Level
Pastor, D.A. Skipper
Names of Del:  W.Madox, A. Pumphrey
Clerks P.O.  Marianna

Church, Magnolia
Pastor, R. B. C. Laurence
Names of Del:  Z. T. Messer, John Mathis
Clerks P.O. Chipola, Calhoun County.

Church, Memphis
Pastor, S. Williford
Names of Del: W. H. Creamer. T. J. Creamer
Clerks P.O.  Dalton, Henry County, AL

Church, Mt. Pleasant
Pastor, D. A. Skipper
Names of Del:  J.Parrish, R. Harrell, J. Sharpe
Clerks P.O.  Campbellton, Jackson Co, FL

Church, Mt. Olive
Pastor, Robert Kidd
Names of Del:  J. H. Gabel
Clerks P.O. Ochesee

Church, Orange Hill
Pastor, J. W. Johnson
Names of Del:  R. W. Peel, S. Arnold
Clerks P.O.  Orange Hill

Church, Paradise Grove
Pastor, R. C. B. Laurence
Names of Del:  Henry Green, John Messer
Clerks P.O.  Delwood

Church, Poplar Springs
Pastor, R,B.C. Laurance
Names of Del: John Dykes, George Dykes
Clerks P.O. Marianna

Church, Providence
Pastor, W.D. Simpson
Names of Del: Moses Dykes, Z. Johnson, L. Daniel, J. Owens
Clerks P.O. Ochessee

Church, Reheboth
Pastor, J. J. White
Names of Del:  James Rogers, W.J. Smith
Clerks P.O. Big Creek, Geneva County.

Church, Rocky Grove
Pastor, Robert Kidd
Names of Del:  J. B. Henderson , W. H. Dykes, J. Y. Folson, J. Stephens
Clerks P.O. Marianna

Church, Selma
Pastor, S. Williford
Names of Del: S. Martin, P. Martin
Clerks P.O. Dalton, Henry County, ALA

Church, Sardis
Pastor, WD Simpson
Names of Del:  W. J. Edenfield, D. Player
Clerks P.O.  Ochesee

End of 1880 Minutes.

1884 Minutes

Church, Antioch
Pastor, S. J. Revell
Clerks, B. H. Franklin
PO Blount Town
Messengers, Thomas Parish, B. H. Franklin

Church, Bethlehem
Pastor, DA Skipper
Clerks, John Harper
P.O. Cottondale
Messengers, M. R. Shours

Church, Bethesda
Pastor, J. W. Johnson
Clerks, J. M. Davis
P.O. Dundee, AL
Mess: Stephen Franklin, John Pope

Church, Cedar Pond
Pastor: not listed
Clerks, W. H. Pyke
Mess: Frank Bazzell, TB Boon
P.O. Neal's Landing

Church, Campbellton
Pastor, T. E. Langley
Mess: W. M. Farrio
P.O. Campbellton

Church, Chipolia
Pastor, T.E.Langley
Mess: N. L. Connell, E. Z. Taylor
Clerks, N. L. Connell
P.O. Wewahitchka

Church, Circle Hill
Pastor, J. T. Allen
Clerk, W. L. Sheperd
Mess: W. L. Sheperd
P.O. Dellwood

Church, Damascus
Pastor, Robert Harris
Clerk, T. J. Parker
Mess: M. H. K. York, Thomas J. Curtchfield
P.O. Graceville

Church, Dellwood
Pastor, R. C. B. Lawrence
Clerk, L.C. Messer
Mess: L, C, Messer, Z. Hamilton, G. W. Mwsser, Henry Green
P.O. Dellwood

Church, Ebenezer
Pastor, D.A. Skipper
Clerk, A.F. Register
Mess: A.F. Register
P.O. Vernon

Church, Econfina
Pastor, J. E. Nixon
Clerk, W.P. Gainer
Mess: J. E. Nixon
P.O. Econfina

Church, Ephesus
Pastor, J. W. Johnson
Clerk, J. M. Christmas
Mess: not listed
P.O. Campbellton

Church, Friendship
Pastor, R.D. Borrrows
Clerk, J. M. Stephens
Mess: H. Sewell, J. Lynn, J. M. Stephens
P.O. Greenwood

Church, Greenwood
Pastor, T. E. Langley
Clerk, TL Alsobrook
Mess: N.B. Long, J. H. Stpehens, J. W. Godwin
P.O. Greenwood

Church, Grassy Point
Pastor, E. D. Nelson
Clerk, J. J. Pynes
Mess: J. J. Pynes
P.O. St. Andrews Bay

Church, Hickory Level
Pastor, John Stuart
Clerk, S. Pumphrey
Mess: A. Pumphery, S.Pumphrey
P.O. Marianna

Church, Marianna
Pastor, T. E. Langley
Clerk, W. J. Daniel
Mess: W. J. Daniel
P.O. Marianna

Church, Mt. Olive
Pastor, not listed
Clerk, not listed
Mess: S. O. Bryan
P.O. Ocheesee

Church, Magnolia
Pastor, not listed
Mess: Z. T. Messer
Clerk, Z. T. Messer
P.O. Chipola

Church, Memphis
Pastor, J. J. White
Mess: Ira Pitts
Clerk, Thomas Butler
P.O. Garrard

Church, Orange Hill
Pastor, Robert Harris
Mess: E. D. Nelson. George Sowell
Clerk, R. M. Peel
P.O. Orange Hill

Pastor, W.D. Simpson
Mess: Z. Johnson, M. Dykes, J. C. Boykin
Clerk, Moses Dykes
P.O. Ocheesee

Church, Piny Grove
Pastor, D.A. Skipper
Mess: John Nelson, Thomas Creamer
Clerk, Benjamin Russ
P.O. Marianna

Church, Pilgrims Rest
Pastor. D.A. Skipper
Mess: C.C. Shouppe, R. Harris
Clerk, C.C. Shouppe
P.O. Cottondale

Church, Poplar Springs
Pastor, R. C. B. Lawrence
Mess: J. R. Dykes, G.Dykes, James Connell
Clerk, J.R, Dykes
P.O. Marianna

Church, Rocky Grove
Pastor, not listed
Mess: W. H. Dykes, Z. T. Pelt, J. Y. Folsome
Clerk, W. H. Dykes
P.O. Marianna

Church, Sardis
Pastor, W.D. Simpson
Mess: C. K. David
Clerk, J.A. Hoover
P.O. Ocheesee

Church, Unity
Pastor, Thomas S. Scott
Mess: Robert C. Crofton, John A. Raley
Clerk, John H. Raley

The spelling is the way it is in the book, I made no changes of the spelling.

The History of the First Baptist Church of Southport, Florida

In 1874 a few Baptist met in an old log school house on grassey Point, and founded the institution, Grassy Point Baptist Church. Later know as Southport Baptist Church, This was the first Church in this part of the county, which was Washington County at the time. Now Bay County. According to the 1880 minutes of the West Florida Baptist Association meeting, which was held on October 16, 17, & 18 of 1880 at Campbellton Baptist Church on Campbellton, Florida: this was when the Grassy Point Baptist Church petitioned to be admitted into the Association and was received. It is Recorded that John Stewart is pastor and the church has a membership of 19 including 11 that was baptized this year. Some of the first members were, Mr. Frank Page (Francis Marion ) and his wife Mary Jane (Register) Page, "Sarah Ann Register. born June 14,1865 died Feb 13, 1946. The pastor and his wife had 10 children, Virginia, Luvenia, Everetta Dinson, Theodosia Louella, Ramus Denson, IDA Lurana, Libby Lavonia, Lillian Bell, John Henry, Clyde Edward, and Lana Eugenia. " Mr. Wiley Sullivan his wife Sarah, Martha Ann Anderson, Lewis Anderson, Sara Anderson and Betty Anderson.

1884, E. D. Nelson was Pastor, and a total of 18 enrollment.
( I have a picture of The Edward Nelson and Sarah Ann Register Nelson and some of the children.)

1892, E. D. Nelson pastor, and a total of 46 enrollment. The pastor Edward Dinson Nelson, born March 31, 1855, died on July 25, 1923, he was married to

1893 May 6th Anderson was granted a postoffice.

The people moved away from Grassy Point area, so it was decided to move the Church to a more suitable location nearer the township of Anderson at Bradley Point.

1902, Pastor was S.L.Loudermilk, Clerk was J. H. Anderson a total of 29 members.

1903, Pastor J.D. Cortney, and membership of 36.

1905, Dec 3rd Bro. R. Harris and John Henry Anderson and Bro. Charles Thomas Anderson, were pastors.

1907, June 15, Anderson became the township of Southport.

Some of the early pastors serving the church were: Rev. Robet(Bob) Harris, Rev. Lawhon, bro. Roundtree.

1910,  Mr. T. D. Sale, came from Sale City, Georgia and bought land form Vickers and McKenzie. During this time, the Southport Lumber Co. built a large sawmill on the Southport side of the bay. This was known for many many years as the Mill Point, it is located at the very south end of what is now Market Street. Mr. T. D. Sale saw the need for the Church to be moved and gave the land where the Church now stands, on the corner of Bridge Rd. and Market St.

1912,  Bro. Will Sullivan, not relation to Wiley Sullivan, worked hard to help raise funds to build a church building, with the understanding that he would be the first Preacher to pastor the church.

April 14, 1913, Bay County was Created, finally enough was raised to start the church work on the building. The Church is now known as The Southport Baptist Church. this building was to serve the people for 50 years. Bro. Will Sullivan pastored only a very short time before the church called Bro. C. T. Anderson to pastor, this was 1916.
(I have picture of CT Anderson and Family)

Rev. C.T. Anderson born Dec 10, 1880 died May 2, 1971. Bro. Charles Thomas Anderson was the son-in-law of edward Dinson Nelson, he married Everetta Dinson Nelson on Feb 23, 1905. the same years he was ordained to preach. Charles was the son of Henry and Martha Ann"Jackson" Anderson, Martha was one of the Charter members of the Church.

1900s, A big sawmill business in the area helped Southport grow , some of the members of the Church were: Louis Marion (Luke) Page his wife Lillie( Liller) Sullivan Page, Alford Creamer, his sister Mae Richardson, all of them served in the Church till their death. ( I have pictures of Luke and Liller Page.)

Alford Creamer and wife, Francis Marion Page aka Frank , Alton Collins, Dr. Ken Solomon, Pastor Richard Wright, John D. Page, John Devine, John Mullins, Mike Coyne, Jesse McCormick and W.E. Pete Bennett.

1916, The Church had a membership of 34 now, C.T. Anderson is the only Ordained Minister from Southport. The Church Clerk at the time was Pansy Tillman. The pastor of the Church when the association meetinf was held was Charles Temple of Chipley. the pastors salary $40.00 a month. Sunday School Superintendent was W.B. Gains and the Church had five Sunday School Teachers. there was an enrolment of 556 in Sunday School and the Church property was valued at $ 500.00.

1927-1931 The membershhip begain to fall , some of the Pastors were, Charles Temple, Bro. Tucker, Bro. Dan Creamer, and Bro. Pool. Also Bro. B.B. Blotch of Bonifay did a lot of missionary work in the Southport area.

1931, The church closed except when a preacher would come through the area and stayed overnight in some of the peoples homes and they would ask him to preach for them.

In time of a Fire,  The Church Bell was also the communite Fire Alert. when there was a fire in the community someone would go and ring the bell.

The early 1920's, There was a Methodist Church located near the water on what is now Sale Blvd, in 1927 the storm hit , blew a huge tree down on the building and destroyed it. there was an old abandoned store building located over about where Railroad St. is now, so the Methodist members moved the church's salvaged possessions into this building. One of hte Church Families, Luke and Liller Page and daughter Ovedia moved into the house next door to the temporary Methodist Church.

One night the Page's home caught fire and burned, the Methodist Church caught fire from this and burned also. The people were able to some of the furiniture form the church, some pews, a spearker stand, and a few othere items. the members of the Methodist Church ask if they could store this furniture in our church untill they could find them another building. So the Baptist were good neighbors and allowed them to move their furniture into the building. Another Methodist Church was never built so the pews, were used by this church for years and years .Today the spearker stand that the music minister uses is the some one left from the Methodist Church.

1931, Dr. L.H bartie of Lynn Heaven Flrst Bapitist Church, would come over on Saturday and play games, have contest with the children, he had free ice cream for everyone. The children Loved him.

1932, The church had no pastor,  word got around to Bro. J. T. Goare who was pastor of Lmmanuel Baptist church in Milville, he was inspired to come and help out. Bro. Goare would walk form Milville if he could not get a ride, and have services on Tuesday nights.

1933, the 87th annual session of the West Florida Baptist Association was held at the Southport Baptist Church, Oct 5-6 , 1933. Messengers to this meeting were, Dr. L. H. Bartie, G. W. Creamer, Mrs. W. C. Holley, Frs. A.E. Gainer, Mrs. E. V. Sullivan(Mrs. Emily V. Page Sullivan Kelley) Bro. J. T. Goare was pastor.

Had an emrollment of 75 in Sunday School, total membership of 39. And the pastors salary is $75.00 a year, with the church property valued at $1,00.00. The Church Clerk was Annie E. gainer.

1934, This was the first meeting of the now "Northwest Coast Baptist Association and held at Wewahitchka Baptist Church. The Churches withdrawing form the West Florida Baptist Association were: Broad Branch, Lynn Heaven, Vilville, Panama City, Youngstown, Port St. Joe, Wewahitchla, St. Andrews, and Wetappo. Bro. W.W. Clifford of Milville was listed as out pastor. A total membership of 22, the pastors yearly salary was $12.00. and the church property value is $1,00.00.

1937, Bro. Alford Creamer was the Deacon of the Church. He served faithfully for many years.

In Sept of 1937, Bro. C. M. Hall was called as Pastor, he served a little while, J. W. Sullivan (Wiley) , one of the original members of the church in 1874, died Oct 8th 1939. Then Bro. Wattenburger came and helped out when he could this was in the early 1940s. Bro.J.C. Alexander came over from Panama City and held our baptism ordinance for us. The Baptismal service was held on the creek at what is known as the Sands Banks.

1940, The following Sunday in Sunday School, after a discussion, it was decided to write to Bro. C. G. Rish of Wewahitchka to see if he would come over and help out. As a result, Bro. Rish was called as pastor on Oct 6, 1940.

1941, Bro. W.D. Kyser was ordained a Deacon of the church on Aug 31, 1941. Bro. Rish and Bro. Alexander were in charge of the ordination service.

Aug, the Church voted to call Bro. W. T. Davis, there were 23 members present with 19 voting to call Bro. Davis. He lived in Clarksville, Florida and would drive back and forth for the service and stay over night with some of the members. Bro. Davis served until Sept 1944.

1944, Bro. Wattenbarger came to help make out the yearly budget in 1944, which was to began in Oct.

1945, Bro. Eugene Sloan, came and help out from Tyndall Field, he was with the U. S. Air Force there. He helped out till the end of the Associational year.

In April the Church Voted to recognizee Bro. W. R. Vickery as a deacon, and so was Bro. Harrelson accepted by the church, he was from the Port St. Joe Baptist Church. In Sept the Church called Rev. Peterson, and he resigned on Nov 25, 1945. In all this time Bro. Goare continued to help out when he was needed, he sure was a God sent Blessing.

1946, Some of the pastors in the next few years were: Bro. Harvey who came on 1946 and in Nov 1946 Bro. Peter Davis and his wife, Lou came from Faydette Alabama. Bro. Davis was not an ordained minister, so the church ask that a letter of request be sent to the New Hinsom Church in Slocomb, Alabama: asking for the church to ordain Bro. Davis, so he could be our pastor. They did so. He would come once a month and stay in different peoples homes. He and his wife became great friends with almost everyone. Bro. Davis and his wife owned a farm in faydette. His son, Glenn would come and play the piano for us occasionally.

1947, Bro. Sam A. Richardson was received in to the church on Sept 17, 1947 as a Deacon. The ordination took place on Oct 8, 1948 with the Reverend Croford Givens delivering the ordination sermon. Charge was given to the church by Bro. H. M. Givens and Charge to the Deacons by Bro. Alexander. Bro. Davis resigns in 1949 for reasons of declining health.

1949, Aug 7, Bro. Dewitt Cox was called as Pastor. When Bro. Cox came to the church we called him as part time pastor. Bro. Cox refused to accept it on a part time basis-he wanted it to be full time. Most of the members felt that we could not support a full time pastor, but one faithful member in the church stood and ask that we have a s much faith in the church as Bro. Cox and they felt we could do it. This was the turning point for the church. We have had full time services and pastors ever since. Bro. Cox was very young and energetic, and very good for the church. He was not married when he came to the church, this is where he met and married his wife Edna Reeder. Bro. cox resigns July 5, 1950, the resignation to become effective Sept 30, 1950.

1950, Mr. Pat Manghum gave the church a donation of a new piano, he was not a member but his wife and daughter was.

Sept 10th, Bro.J.H. McCarter (from Tyndall AFB) held service for us till July 1st 1951.

1951, Bro. T. F. McReynolds and his wife were called on Sept 9th 1951.

1952, Feb 14th, St. Joe Paper Company, deeded the land to the Southport Baptist Church. In searching the records it was found that Mr. sales had never deeded the land to the church. The trustees at this time were A. J. Gainer, J. F. Mason and Byron Richardson.

Feb 22, 1952, the Church ordained two men as deacons, they were Herbert Lemieux and T. C. Banks. Helping with the ordination was Rev. R.E. Merrell, Earl Plant, Coy Raffield, Dr. J. H. Avery and Pastor T. F. McReynolds.

Mr. Herbert Kelley made a donation of 100 block to the church. A building committee was appointed by the Pastor Bro. McRaynolds, consisting of Bro. T. C. Banks and Mr. J. V. Hare. Bro. Banks moved away form the area and Bro. Herbert Lemieux was the only active deacon.

On Aug 3rd, a new building committee was elected they were, Jesse Mason, Harvey Gainer, William H. (Sonny) Miller, Herbert Lemieux and Alford Parsons.

Bro. Reynolds resigned as pastor in Nov 16, 1952 and on this day the church called Bro. J. B. Ansley as pastor. Dec 1952 the church gave Harvey Gainer permission to mover the old piano to his house and keep it until such time the church should want it back. It was reported that the piano had been originally donated to the church by his mother (Annie Gainer) who was the church pianist and organist in the 1930s. Since we have recently had a new piano donated there was no need for this piano at this time.

1953, Bro. Ansley and his wife Lenora worked for the church, he grew up in Southport , he resigns Jan 1, 1953.  Bro. Allen Price came to the church May 24, He was a student at BBI in Graceville, Florida. He was ordained July 26th 1953. Bro. Price and his wife Phyllis served the people faithfully. On Nov 8th 1953 a new building committee was appointed by the pastor. They were Mr. B. W. Bass, Mr. J. C. McCormick, William H.(sonny) Miller and the treasurer of the building fund to be Hurbert Lemieux. the church was in need of someone to help keep the building clean so Bro. Byron Richardson was hired as janitor of the church for the salary of $1.00 a week. He would also go and ring the church bell before time for services to remind everyone about church services. You could almost set your clock by the time that the bell would ring. You could hear the bell almost all over Southport.

1954, Jan 20th., Bro. B. W. Bass and Bro. W. H. Miller were ordained as Deacons. Taking part in the services were: Bro. Laniar Faile, Bro. J. B. Woodham, Bro. Riles, Bro. Jesse Mason and Bro. C. H. Lemieux and Pastor Allen Price.

1955, Bro. Allen Price resigns as Pastor. On April 10th. Bro. Emory Green was called as supply pastor for a little while then Bro. Richards Bloodworth served only till Jan 15, 1956, then he resgined. The pulpit committee will consist of: Bro. Clarence McCormick, Bro. Jesse McCormick, and Bro. Sonny Miller.

1956, Bro. John Ingram was called as Pastor. His salary was $55.00 per week.Bro Ingram and his wife Marge and children Pasty, Marie, Dudley, Don and Durwood worked in the church. Marge played the piano for us.

Other members of the Church were: C. W. McDonald, Rev. and Mrs. J. B. Ansley, Bro. George Taylor,Bro. C.E. Rentz and his wife Mildred and daughter work hard for the church, Bro. Mullins, Bro. lovett and Bro. Ricky Southall, Mrs. Emily Page Kelley.

1963, A new pulpit committee consisting of John Mullins, Herbert Lemieux, Willie Walsingham, sonny Miller, Joe Hurst, Jesse McCormick and Ricky Southall.

Other Names within the Church were:
Mr. J. F. Puckett,  John Devine,
Bro. Henry Stamey,  Bro. E. N. Spikes
Bro. Rufus Sauls,   Dewey Ritfherson
Bro. Simmons,  A.E.(Ricky) Southall
Bro. Ritcherson,  Helen Southall
Rev. Hugh Arnold,   Joel Southall
Freddie Simmons,   Sadie Lovett
W.R. Scott,   Sarah Gainer
E. Y. Lovett,  Maude Miller
Danny Conrad,   Bonnie Arnold
Bonnie Arnold,   Bro. Moul
Robin Adams,   Mrs. Alice Conrad
Freddie Quick,   Mrs. May Lou Quick
Bro. Bill Laird,   David Greer
Ray Belgard,   Danny Odom
Mrs., Colene Parsons,   Bro. Louis Kelley
Mrs. Thelma Nield,   Clara Miller
Gil Johnson,   Gil Johnson(son)
Mrs. Gil (Jody) Johnson,   Joey Johnson
Denis Halstead,   Grace Halstead
James T. Brock,   Mr. & Mrs. H. T. Trusty
Orie Bowdoin,   Mary Nell Jones
Mike Baker,   Bro. Richard Wright
Sstephanie Wrigth,   John Wright
James Wright,   Debbie Wright
Linda Burris,   Mary Lou Quick
Joyce Weckherlin,   Chris Parkins
Bro. Edmond Lovett,   Debbie Lovett
Steve Mullins,   Ben Peacock
Helen Peacock,   Bro. John Longshore
Cynthia Longshore,   W.E. ( Pete) Bennett
Bro. James Peters,   Bro. John D. Page
Mike Coyne,   Alton Collinsworth
James Mixon,   Dr. Ken Solomon
Arvil Dunaway,   Nell Dunaway
Connie Dunaway,   Tammy Dunaway
Jewell McCormick,   Barbara Bennett
Johnnie Kirckland,   Marty Kirkland
Sybill Ellerbee,   Ernest Greer Sr.
Paul Green,   Earline Green
Willard Black,   June Heintz
Thomas P. Doss,   Roger Brannon
Steve Bennage,   Louie Walker
Bob Holley,   Bruce Lowhon

I have pictures of : Edward Dimson Nelson and Family, C.T. Anderson and Family (1916), Frances (Frank) Marion Page, Alford and Vada Creamer, Louis (Luke) Marion Page and wife Lillie(Liller) Sullivan Page, Alton Collins Worth, Dr. Ken Solomon, Richard Wright, John D. Page, John Devine, John Mullins, Mike Coyne, Jesse McCorkick, W.E. (Pete) Bennett.

Need information on the names above contact me, Whitedov15@AOL.Com or at 893 Sopchoppy Hwy , Sopchoppy Florida 32358. 850 962-1916.

"Many of the people here is still alive and many are related to me, if any ones needs more information on any of the names above please contact me." Elaine Page Taylor

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